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Severe drought forces a moment of truth for the Klamath
Severe drought forces a moment of truth for the Klamath
Irrigation shutoffs in the river's upper basin may finally help move a historic water deal on the Oregon-California border.
In the orchards, questions about immigration reform
In Yakima County, Wash., the California-based labor contractor Global Horizons is stirring up controversy among local Latino farmworkers by bringing in hundreds of guest workers from Thailand to pick fruit
Judge rejects old-growth forest rollbacks
A federal judge has rolled back the Bush administration’s rollback of the Northwest Forest Plan’s old-growth forest "survey and manage" rules
Pollution for jobs: a fair trade?
The Navajo Nation is wrangling over the benefits – and dangers – of the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant in northwestern New Mexico
Island's pig problem pits animal-rights activists against conservationists
A plan to eradicate thousands of feral pigs from Southern California’s Santa Cruz Island has animal rights activists up in arms
A refreshing take on Wal-Mart vs. The World
In The United States of Wal-Mart, John Dicker offers a viciously funny but intelligently nuanced understanding of the Wal-Mart phenomenon
Industry embeds its own in the BLM
Energy and mining companies are paying the salaries of workers at Bureau of Land Management offices around the West
Mining waste dumped in streams — and now lakes
The Bush administration has reclassified mining waste as "fill," and now a gold mine plans to dump its waste directly into an Alaskan lake
Factory wants to squeeze cheese underground
The Hilmar Cheese Company near Modesto, Calif., wants to dig a deep well to dispose of its salty, milky wastewater
Soaring home prices spur changes to environmental law
With housing prices on the rise in the state, the California Environmental Quality Act is under attack
State takes another shot at land swapping
The Utah Recreational Land Exchange Act would give the BLM some prime recreation areas in the southeastern part of the state in exchange for oil-rich land in the Uintah Basin
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