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Hunting: It’s not about the gun
In the presidential election this fall, sportsmen are likely to be split between those who vote for wildlife, and those who vote for the gun
Can grizzly bears and homeowners get along
The writer profiles a wildlife biologist who tries to keep grizzlies and people apart in the Yellowstone area
In the house of the grizzly
A hunter's close encounter with grizzlies in Wyoming breeds respect for the great bear that is the true lord of the forest.
A man to match our mountains
Legendary mountaineer and outdoor educator Paul Petzoldt, who founded the National Outdoor Leadership Training School (NOLS) and the Wilderness Education Association, has died at the age of 91.
In the '90s, trapping still has a role
Some say that animal trapping is still necessary for predator control and other specific wildlife problems.
A Wyoming trapper seeks pelts, and beauty
A profile of Wyoming trapper Tom Lucas offers insight into an old-fashioned but very controversial lifestyle
Trapping in the United States
A timeline traces the history of animal trapping in the United States from Pre-Columbian days until now.
Is trapping doomed?
Wildlife trapping - which has a long history in the West - today comes into fierce conflict with environmentalists, animal advocates, and residents upset by the risk traps pose to domestic dogs.
Ranchers fight a railroad
Ranchers in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming vow to fight a planned railroad extension by the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern.
Wyoming: The last tough place
A Wyoming man celebrates the difficulty of living in his wild, lonely, poor, unsophisticated state - the "last good place left."
Elk are the battleground
The state of Wyoming wants to vaccinate 2,000 Yellowstone area elk against brucellosis, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has its doubts.
Montana man charged in wolf killing
Montana hunter Chad McKittrick is charged with illegally killing one of the 15 wolves restored to Yellowstone.
Wyoming tribes get support to keep a river wet
The Wind River Indian Reservation sues non-Indian irrigators for violating water rights and dumping trash in the Wind River to dam it.
Governor shoots wolf bounty bill
Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer vetoes bill that would have placed $1,000 bounty on wolves shot outside Yellowstone National Park.
Forest Service dunked by its own 'witch hunt'
Judge rules that former Helena National Forest Supervisor Ernie Nunn be reinstated.
Snarls dominate lightly attended wolf hearings
Protesters at hearings throughout Wyoming demonstrate against wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone.
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