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A pilot's-eye view of the West
Michael Collier's new book, "Water, Earth and Sky: The Colorado River Basin," combines his beautiful aerial photos of a remarkable landscape with well-chosen words.
'The concept is simple'
In his own words, retired BLM range conservationist Earl McKinney talks about restoration of riparian areas.
'I will try anything'
In her own words, environmentalist Rose Strickland defends the collaborative process.
'I was mocked and set up'
In her own words, environmentalist Kathleen Simpson Myron explains why her disillusion led her to leave the Trout Creek Mountain Working Group.
The ranch restored: An overworked land comes back to life
In an often bumpy process, the Trout Creek Mountain Working Group tries to bring together environmentalists, ranchers and BLM staffers to find a way to restore the badly overgrazed landscape of southeastern Oregon.
We wanted to democratize Western water
In her own words, Denise Fort, chair of the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission, defends the water report.
This report could destroy irrigated agriculture
In his own words, rancher Patrick O'Toole explains why he dissented from the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission's report.
Western water: Why it's dirty and in short supply
The new report, "Water in the West: The Challenge for the Next Century," is a remarkably far-sighted federal study that should serve as both a mission statement and a wake-up call about water management in the arid West.
Looking at dams in a new way
An unusual new book put out by the U.S. Geological Survey, "Dams and Rivers: A Primer on the Downstream Effects of Dams," is reviewed by Tom Knudson.
After the fire comes the real devastation
The trauma caused by super-hot fires continues long after the flames are put out.
How the West's asbestos fires were turned into tinderboxes
Decades of over-logging and fire suppression set the stage for deadly, destructive forest fires throughout the West.
FBI was out to get freethinking DeVoto
Writer and conservationist Bernard DeVoto was thoroughly investigated by the FBI.
Edward Abbey got the FBI interested in literature
According to documents made available through Freedom of Information Act, the FBI kept track of Abbey's writing and activities for 20 years, trying to determine whether the controversial author was a security threat to the United States.
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