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Decision time for rugged land
From the top of Granite Peak, Montana's highest point, the author surveys the vast rugged country that may soon be designated the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.
The Absoroka-Beartooth: a proposal
The Forest Service is in the final stages of developing its wilderness management proposal for the Absoroka-Beartooth area in Montana and Wyoming.
'Environmentalism' catches on in Big Sky Country
The 1971 Montana legislature may go down in the record books as the session in which "environmentalism" finally caught on. Bills passed and signed into law include new hard rock mining reclamation laws, zoning provisions, tougher water pollution controls and more.
Two Montana men are dedicated to wilderness
Howard Thom, an oil pumper at the refinery in Laurel, Montana, and his brother Chick have spent hundreds of hours and hiked thousands of miles mapping potential boundaries for the proposed Absoroka-Beartooth Wilderness.
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