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Efficient energy is efficient business
Washington State University's Cooperative Extension Energy Program has an Energy Ideas Clearinghouse Web site, offering many ways to conserve power.
Greens are still seeing red
Environmentalists say Wyoming's Red Desert is in danger, facing the prospect of 10,000-15,000 oil and gas wells by 2010.
Sprawl will be televised
A documentary on sprawl, Subdivide and Conquer, has had trouble being aired on public TV stations before the election in Denver and Phoenix, where controversial anti-sprawl initiatives are on the ballot.
Pilot finds a soft spot for a hard land
In his book, "Under the Sun: A Sonoran Desert Odyssey," Adriel Heisey collects the gorgeous aerial photos he made from his homemade Kolb Twinstar and describes how he learned to love a rugged landscape.
Mapping a vision
A report from the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project inventories the mountain ecoregion of Colorado, northern New Mexico, and southern Wyoming.
Council guns down ban on predator hunts
In Arizona, a ban on "killing coyotes" such as the "Predator Hunt Extreme" has been overturned on the grounds that the state Game and Fish Commission does not have jurisdiction over such contests.
Western Shoshone to cash in?
Some Western Shoshone are saying that a congressionally approved land-claims settlement should not be accepted by the tribe, because a tribal vote two years ago was not legitimate.
Yellowstone's bison get a time limit
Conservationists say Yellowstone National Park's long-awaited plan for managing its wandering bison herds accommodates cows at the expense of the bison.
A highway hits a speed bump
Utah's plans for a new freeway, the Legacy Highway, are put on hold by the EPA due to the agency's concern that the freeway could damage wetlands.
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