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Sans petrol
Willits, Calif., is one of a growing number of communities trying to prepare for a post-oil world by becoming economically and agriculturally sustainable.
Cruising down a river
The writer relishes untamed and reclusive life on a Western river
Why I pedal past the pump
The writer tells what it’s been like to forego a car and drive a bicycle everywhere for the last 30 years
Can the New West rescue an old town?
The writer watches as his small town succumbs to the New West
Protecting the people's right of way: Public-access advocate Bill Calvert
When a gravel company locked a gate on a road into California’s Yuba Goldfields, a 70-year-old retired salesman named Bill Calvert suddenly became a citizen activist, and fought for public access to public lands
The Hoopa’s fight for a river is a lesson for us all
The writer says the 2,500-member Hoopa Tribe is finally winning river rights from the country’s largest irrigation district
Failure of leadership, not a lack of water, dooms the Klamath River
Only the federal government can find away to protect both salmon and farmers in the Northwest’s Klamath River watershed
Another fish kill on the Klamath seems to be coming
The writer says the same conditions exist for yet another fish kill on the Klamath River
Persistence frees the Mokelumne: River advocate Pete Bell
Former rock-n-roll drummer Pete Bell is dedicated to keeping California’s Mokelumne River as free-flowing as possible
The next wars may be fought over water
Tim Holt warns that European companies are moving to privatize our water supplies
River advocates take a seat at the table
Tim Holt profiles a California man who’s had an impact on the relicensing of dams.
Small farmers seek refuge in the city
Tim Holt says small farmers near Portland, Ore., are finding their market in the city
Eco-farmers seek to grow habitat as well as crops
Tim Holt wants "eco-farmers" to get federal bucks.
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