Items by Susan Zakin

Delta Blues
CALFED, a huge Clinton-era project designed to restore the California Delta, now seems to be stalled and unraveling under an indifferent Bush administration.
Riding the Line
During Cinco de Mayo on the border between Douglas, Ariz., and Altar, Sonora, Mexico, a traditional horse race brings people of both countries together for fun and excitement.
Sanctuary movement revives
Alexis Claire, who owns a travel agency in Bisbee, Ariz., is part of a revival of the "Sanctuary Movement,' trying to help today's economic refugees as she helped refugees from Central America 10 years ago.
A sympathetic landowner
In Douglas, Ariz., rancher and consultant Jerry Bohmfalk is considering a lawsuit against the Border Patrol, which he believes makes matters worse by pursuing "economic refugees."
Border lures the young
In Agua Prieta, Mexico, a group of young men discuss their experiences crossing the border.
The hunters and the hunted
As illegal immigration from Mexico increases, more people risk their lives crossing the desert into Arizona, while government agencies, anti-immigration vigilantes and human rights activists argue over how to handle the influx.
Mexico launches a green offensive
The International Sonoran Desert Alliance hopes, with the cooperation of the U.S. and Mexican governments, to ease some of the problems - many environmental - that tightened border security is causing.
Shake-up: Greens inside the Beltway
The environmental movement goes through changes, but love of place endures even in Washington, D.C.
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