Items by Steve Voynick

Oil shale, our feel-good rock
The writer has seen oil shale come and go before
The day they close the pass
As mountain towns get more accessible and lively, even in midwinter, the author relishes the way his tiny, remote town slows to a stop once the mountain pass highway is closed for the season
The day they close the pass
The writer looks forward to the day they close the continent’s highest paved pass
Of Western myth and jackalopes
One of the West’s funkiest icons, the jackalope, was born in Douglas, Wyo., in 1932, the creation of the late Douglas Herrick
Of Western myth and jackalopes
Of Western myth and jackalopes
Seventy years ago, Douglas Herrick attached antelope horns to the head of a stuffed jackrabbit, and one of the West’s most enduring and beloved icons – the jackalope – was brought to life in Wyoming
Dreams for sale in Leadville, Colorado
Every year, a new team of economic-development consultants comes to Leadville, Colo., to peddle false hopes about the troubled town’s future.
In search of the Glory Days
Twenty years after its longtime mainstay, the Climax Molybdenum Mine, closed, Leadville, Colo., is still groping for a secure economy and a new identity.
Why one Nevada town is the last, smartest boomtown
Steve Voynick praises Elko, Nevada, for getting ready for the inevitable gold-mining bust.
Leadville's old mines are suppurating sores
Although the mines around Leadville, Colo., have closed, acid mine drainage continues to sicken the Arkansas River.
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