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'Specialists in diversity'
RBM Lumber is not your typical forest products firm, but others could learn a lot from it.
'It shouldn't be all or nothing'
Evenlyn Thompson of RBM Lumber talks about working for sustainable forestry.
'The emphasis is on what's best for the land'
Forest Service veteran and now chairman at a collaborative forestry group, Tom Kovalicky, describes his enthusiasm for his forest stewardship projects.
'We still have the opportunity to practice wild forestry'
Hunter, naturalist, writer and logger Bob Love talks about practicing wild forestry.
'We don't need a revolution'
Teresa Catlin, an ecologist and forest consultant, says that her community forestry project is coming together because locals want much the same thing.
Change is coming
The Idaho Conservation League's John McCarthy talks about the tremendous changes coming to the Northern Rockies forests.
After the fall
RBM Lumber in Columbia Falls, Mont., is a small, family-owned mill that is a pioneer in a brand new kind of timber economy, one that would restore rather than deplete forests and create low-volume, high-value wood products in a sustainable way.
A political outsider wages a clever campaign
Montana farmer Brian Schweitzer launches a lively campaign for election to the United States Senate, running as a Democrat in a Republican stronghold.
Will Wyoming warm to wolves?
A Montana conservationist travels to Wyoming to talk about wolves to often-hostile Wyomingites.
Uh, oh - the glaciers are growing
The unusually high snowpack in Montana this winter may actually be a sign of global warming.
Federal negligence turns ordinary Montanans hostile
Usually conservative residents of Noxon, Mont., react angrily to ASARCO's plan to build a huge mine in the Cabinet Mountains - and wish the federal government would intervene and stop it.
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