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Is the Gila pasture or wilderness?
A coalition of environmentalists pressures the Forest Service to control grazing and the Diamond Bar Ranch in the Gila Wilderness.
'Disaster, disaster on the range,' report says
The General Accounting Office (GAO) has repeatedly criticized the Bureau of Land Management's handling of livestock grazing on the nation's public lands, citing overgrazed, cattle being favored over wildlife, lack of land management planning, and grazing of excess numbers of livestock.
Federal agents killed about 250,000 predators in 1987
For more than 60 years, very little has changed inside the federal Animal Damage Control division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Allan Savory: Guru of false hopes and an overstocked range
More than any other reason, Savory owes his success thus far to the utter failure of today's range management establishment.
A frugal desert creature is in deep trouble
There are no mysteries in the story of the demise of the desert tortoise. They are the same factors that have led to the demise of the Southwest itself.
BLM's grazing program is a national scandal
A mere 2 percent of the nation's cattle are consuming the Western public lands that belong to all Americans. So abused are these lands that many millions of acres are only one-tenth as productive as in pre-settlement times.
1080 may hasten the sheep industry's death
If compound 1080 again comes into wide use, the inevitable abuses that will follow could mean the end of livestock grazing on public lands.
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