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Pioneer league baseball is a slice of heaven
Pioneer league baseball is a slice of heaven
One of the best things about Helena, MT summers is watching these games.
Why do you live in a flood zone?
Why do you live in a flood zone?
How to empathize with people who experience devastating loss after fires and floods
In search of giant trees and unseen realms
In The Wild Trees, Richard Preston explores the amazing ecosystems hidden at the top of the world’s tallest trees.
A family of criminals and killers
In All God’s Children: Inside the Dark and Violent World of Street Families, Rene Denfeld tells the disturbing story of Portland’s teen runaways, charting the path that took one of them, Danielle Marie Cox, from honor student to convicted murderer.
Old but Faithful
Former Park Service supervisors Bill Wade and Rob Arnberger formed the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees to defend the national parks from what they see as the Bush administration’s ill-conceived changes
A season of love — and secrets
In his new novel, The Whistling Season, Ivan Doig explores the emotional life of settlers in Marias Coulee, Mont., in 1909
The life of an enigmatic seabird
In Rare Bird, author Maria Mudd Ruth pursues the mystery of the Pacific Northwest’s elusive marbled murrelet
Finding hope in a new land
Farmworker’s Daughter: Growing Up Mexican in America is the story of Rose Castillo Guilbault’s childhood journey from Mexico’s Sonoran Desert to a new life in California’s Salinas Valley
A natural and cultural history of the Rocky Mountains
Gary Ferguson explores the history and culture of the backbone of the West in The Great Divide: The Rocky Mountains in the American Mind
Meloy's last message — from bighorn country
In Eating Stone, her last book, Ellen Meloy tells the eloquent, passionate story of the time she spent studying the Blue Door Band of desert bighorn sheep
Western military bases still reporting for duty
Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico and Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota narrowly escape being shut down by the federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission
Leavin' on a Jet Plane
The Air Force wants to close Cannon Air Force Base, but the nearby town of Clovis, N.M., is not ready to let go of its main economic engine
More than numbers: The dead of Idaho's Sunshine Mine
In The Deep Dark, Gregg Olsen tells the tragic story of the 1972 fire in the Sunshine Mine in Idaho’s Silver Valley, which took the lives of 91 men
Gators, dirt and hot tubs in the Cowboy State
Annie Proulx’s new collection of short stories, Bad Dirt, celebrates and skewers the colorful characters of rural Wyoming
Crimes against workers
The Cyanide Canary by Joseph Hilldorfer and Robert Dugoni tells a chilling tale of an environmental crime in Idaho that ruined a worker’s life
A beautiful ode to a melting earth
Gretel Ehrlich’s recent book, The Future of Ice: A Journey Into Cold, is an intimate "ode and lament" on global warming and the end of winter
An unfinished life in Wyoming
Wyoming writer Mark Spragg’s new novel, An Unfinished Life, explores the universal territory of a fractured family’s life
The ghost of Richard Butler surfaces in Arizona
The writer examines an Arizona ballot initiative on immigration and finds racism at work
Living in harm’s way
Marc Reisner’s posthumously published book, A Dangerous Place: California’s Unsettling Fate, looks at California and its earthquakes, and imagines what will happen when "the Big One" finally hits
Living in harm’s way
Marc Reisner’s posthumously published book, A Dangerous Place: California’s Unsettling Fate, looks at California and its earthquakes, and imagines what will happen when "the Big One" finally hits
Come in, Krispy Kreme
A plan to pay for new police cars in Blackfoot, Idaho, by selling ad space on them is an amazingly bad idea
Real men head for Alaska
A visit to Alaska’s Kodiak Island leads the author to feel meek and mild in comparison to the manly men he meets, who battle wolverines in the wildest place in the country.
The fission of a New Mexican nuclear family
Bradford Morrow's novel, Ariel's Crossing, tells a poignant story of family and reconciliation in New Mexico, where the nuclear weapons testing of 40 years ago still haunts the land and the people.
When good tax-evaders go bad
In "Lone Patriot: The Short Career of an American Militiaman," Jane Kramer profiles wannabe-Patriot John Pitner, who was commander in chief of the Washington State Militia until his group began to unravel and the FBI arrested him.
How the writer learned that he is not very spiritual
A stroll through Sedona, Ariz., the West's New Age center, shows that enlightenment is there for the finding - if you have enough money.
What is a Navajo taco?
Curiosity leads a writer to research the origins of Taco Time's "Navajo Taco."
Letter to Edward Abbey from Earth: A Review
A letter to the late Ed Abbey ruefully notes how the writer's grim predictions about overpopulation and over-abuse of the canyon country are coming true.
My God! Healthy trees!
Extension foresters in Idaho help the sisters of St. Gertrude's Monastery manage their forests in a way that balances economics with ecology and spirituality.
Grow up, dig in, and take root
Talk of the West's "dream towns" should focus less on moving to one than on staying and creating a home where we already live.
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