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Locals work to tame the Air Force
Activist Grace Potorti has spent the last 15 years as a watchdog on the military in Nevada, and her efforts have helped to bring about reform at Nellis Air Force Base.
Squawking gets squawfish renamed
The Names of Fishes Committee of the American Fisheries Society is recommending that all squawfish be renamed pikeminnows to avoid giving offense to Native Americans.
Adopt a stream
The Colorado Water Conservation Board is working with volunteers to monitor instream flows in some 1,300 streams.
Crystal Mountain plans to grow
A local group called the Crystal Conservation Coalition is worried about Boyne USA's plans for a massive makeover of the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Washington's Cascade Mountains.
Loggers told to stop cutting
California suspends Pacific Lumber's operating license for numerous logging violations.
Top gun seeks more of the high desert
A BLM plan to expand jet training outside of Nevada's Dixie Valley has angered almost everyone on the high desert.
Newcomers battle over river resort
One-time rock musician Robbie Levin plans to build a destination resort at his Sorrel River Ranch near Moab, Utah, and many locals are angry and frustrated in their efforts to stop him.
Amax's return delayed
Cyprus-Amax's plan to open a controversial molybdenum mine near Crested Butte, Colo., has been stalled by a water court judge's postponement of a trial over whether the mining company can build a reservoir.
Spotted owls vs. jobs?
University of Wisconsin sociologist Bill Freudenburg says that, contrary to popular belief, employment has actually increased since environmental regulations came in.
Trading up to salmon power
The Emerald People's Utility District near Eugene, Ore., plans to provide "green power" to its customers, encouraging energy production that doesn't harm air quality or salmon.
Lynx stops timber sale
The Tie Camp timber sale in Wyoming's Medicine Bow Nat'l Forest has been halted because the area may be potential habitat for the rare Canada lynx.
Guidebook with attitude
A book review of "100 Classic Hikes in Washington" by Ira Spring and Harvey Manning.
A documentary called "Varmints" explores the controversy over prairie dogs, between environmentalists who see them as essential parts of prairie ecosystems and others who see them as oversized rats, good only for shooting.
Holding the line
The Northern Alaska Environmental Center tracks environmental problems with its quarterly newsletter, "The Northern Line."
Glacier takes a stand
A draft plan for Glacier National Park would ban jet skis and air tours while protecting historic lodges and improving roads and visitor services.
Tour the underground
North Dakota's "Energy Trail" gives tourists a chance to visit coal mines and power plants.
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