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An outsider’s perspective on the West
An outsider’s perspective on the West
A Basque writer transplanted to Nevada takes a critical look at American culture.
Forgotten borderland
In "They Treated Us Just Like Indians," anthropologist Paula Wagoner explores the worlds of Bennett County, S.D., where whites and Indians live together in not-always-easy proximity
Living in two worlds
In her biography, Viola Martinez, California Paiute: Living in Two Worlds, Diana Meyers Bahr shares the life story of a remarkable American Indian woman
‘New Homestead Act’ would boost dwindling towns
The "New Homestead Act" now before Congress seeks to entice the young and skilled back into the Great Plains’ dying towns -- struggling communities like Eads, Colo
Road-builders pay for archaeological damage
Catron County, N.M., landowner Charles Cooksey and the company he hired to clear a road through a national forest are fined for damaging archaeological sites on public land
Nevada: A diamond in the rough
Earthtones: A Nevada Album pairs essays by Ann Ronald with photos by Stephen Trimble to celebrate the beauty of an austere landscape
Historic preservation vs. tourism?
Colorado State Treasurer Mike Coffman wants to use funds earmarked for historic preservation to promote tourism instead
Farmland protection may dry up
California’s Williamson Act, a 40-year-old farmland-protection program, may be a casualty of the state’s huge budget deficit
Nation’s largest tribe keeps casinos out
The Navajo Nation has said no to legalized gambling, but under Arizona’s new Proposition 202, the tribe may benefit from gambling on other reservations
Tribes, residents find a solution in the Sandias
Land in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains that has been fought over by the Sandia Pueblo, the federal government and private landowners will stay part of the national forest under the T’uf Shur Bien Preservation Act
Westlands farmers sell out
The federal government has decided to buy out California’s Westlands Water District
Backcountry adventure in the comfort of your living room
Don West’s Have Saddle, Will Travel: Low-Impact Trail Riding and Horse Camping is a rambling meander through mountains and mesas that should please both horseback riders and armchair adventurers
Coastal open space gets a boost
The 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch on the Northern California coast may be protected from development by a land trust
Parasite could help save salmon
Listing lampreys under the Endangered Species Act could help preserve habitat for salmon
Dear Friends
Survey results are in; HCN gets a makeover; new interns Sierra Standish and Jess Toubman
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