Items by Shea Andersen

The West loses a scrappy daily paper
Shea Andersen says the now-shuttered Albuquerque Tribune, a Pulitzer Prize-winning paper, will be missed.
Wildfire can make you run for your life
The writer and friends interrupt their campout to run for their lives from a fast-moving forest fire
Proposed mine threatens ecosystem
Activists fear a proposed nickel mine on Rough and Ready Creek in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest could harm a unique ecosystem.
Ski resort plans ruffle feathers
Conservationists are unhappy about development company Jeld Wen Inc.'s proposal to build an "ecologically sensitive" ski resort at Pelican Butte in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.
Paying to play in the Sawtooths
For the first time ever, it costs to hike in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area, but many users are forgetting or refusing to pay the $2 a day fee.
Forester retreats on grazing rules
Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor Bill LeVere, under pressure from Idaho's congressional delegation, withdraws his controversial grazing rules.
Forest supervisor shows Congress some dirty pictures
Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor Bill LeVere faces fierce criticism from Rep. Helen Chenoweth and ranchers for his crackdown on overgrazing, but so far refuses to back down.
'Ugly' addition must go
The Forest Service wins a lawsuit over an illegal addition to an A-frame house on private property in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area.
Triage for trees attacked
Southern Oregon environmentalists say the Forest Service is "killing the patient" by logging fungus-infected Port Orford cedars.
Move over, Catron County
Lake County, Ore., wants to buy the 1 million acres of Forest Service land within its boundaries.
Parks may get control of their air
A bill introduced in Congress would give the Park Service more power to regulate overflights.
Williams almost gets his wilderness
Montana Rep. Pat Williams wins a temporary moratorium on logging, mining and oil and gas leasing on 1.7 million acres of roadless area in Montana.
Protecting the coho
The National Marine Fisheries Service proposes to list the coho as a threatened species in Oregon and California.
Burns would shear wolf funding
Montana Republican Sen. Conrad Burns wants to cut wolf-reintroduction budgets and use the money for whirling disease research.
Taking aim at the Forest Service
Forest Service employees in the West suffer bombs and beatings in several incidents.
Owl shuts down the Southwest
Federal Judge Carl Muecke orders 11 national forests in Arizona and New Mexico to halt all logging until their forest plans adequately protect the Mexican spotted owl.
A pothunter is nailed at last
Notorious pothunter Earl Shumway is convicted of looting Anasazi burial sites in Utah.
Higher pay for hotter jobs?
Union organizer Kenny Harrell wants better pay for federal wildland fire crews.
No takers for torched timber
The timber industry shows no interest in buying cheap, burned timber in salvage sales.
HCN interns: city kids meet gritty rural life
Shea Andersen describes the life of an HCN intern.
No more water for Aspen - for now
The Colorado Supreme Court denies Aspen Ski Co. water to expand its Snowmass resort.
Feds want to kill some Yellowstone bison
The debate over brucellosis continues as state veterinarians and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service want to inspect Yellowstone bison and kill any that are carrying the disease.
Hot summer reading
Two books on firefighting - Michael Thoele's "Fire Line: The Summer Battles of the West" and Starr Jenkins' "Smokejumpers, "49, Brothers In the Sky" - are reviewed.
She fights for ferrets
Veterinary technician Carolyn Kinsey, fired for protesting the ill-fated release of black-footed ferrets in South Dakota, wants to start a care facility at Pueblo, Colo., for geriatric and neglected ferrets.
Idaho woods again inspire "acts of conscience'
The third summer of the Cove/Mallard Coalition's protests against logging in central Idaho begins with arrests and lawsuits.
L-P's problems mount
The EPA indicts Louisiana-Pacific for its Olathe, Colo., waferboard plant's pollution.
Summitville mine boss indicted
Tom Chisholm, former environmental manager of the bankrupt Summitville Mine is indicted by the EPA for his part in Colorado's worst environmental disaster.
Eight is enough
Eight wolf pups and their mother are moved to a holding pen in Yellowstone after the pups' father was killed near Red Lodge, Montana.
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