Items by Seth Zuckerman

Lessons of drought and cheetahs in the grass
Unpaved with good intentions
A new breed of land trusts seeks not merely to preserve undeveloped landscape, but to keep it in agricultural use – particularly in organic farming.
Ocean fishing ban will be a drastic step
The writer sees a sad future for coastal towns if commercial salmon fishing is halted next month
A 'teachable moment' has arrived
The writer says we’ve been shocked into the realization that we must decrease our consumption of energy — particularly on the road
Eating humble pie can be good for you
The writer confesses to being wrong about his orchard and wonders why politicians find it so hard to say they are sorry
A California treasure shouldn't hide itself
Seth Zuckerman urges more access for Headwaters, a California treasure.
Medical use of marijuana is a states’ rights issue
Throughout the West, there’s a slow and steady surge toward the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.
Homestake shows how good a mine can be
Homestake Mining Company's McLaughlin Mine in Northern California is an example of a mine designed with environmental consequences in mind.
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