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The Mojave National Preserve Conservancy
A new, nonprofit friends group seeks to protect the Mojave National Preserve through community action
Climate Friendly National Parks
Reducing driving in sprawling National Parks
Birds can only fly so far
Birds can only fly so far
The birds in California’s Joshua Tree National Park will need human help to survive climate change.
Don’t trash Joshua Tree National Park
Seth Shteir is appalled at the prospect of a gigantic landfill planned for the fragile desert landscape next to Joshua Tree National Park.
An empty canyon full of everything
Seth Shteir goes looking for birds and finds all kinds of wonderful things in a little-known corner of northeastern Nevada known as Lamoille Canyon.
A country cousin visits the big city
Seth Shteir is astonished to encounter a small, endangered burrowing owl hiding in an auto mechanic’s shop deep in the wilds of Los Angeles.
Don’t let stars wink out all over the West
Don’t let stars wink out all over the West
Seth Shteir praises darkness – and denounces light pollution – after going stargazing in Great Basin National Park.
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