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My kind of town: Livingston, Montana
My kind of town: Livingston, Montana
An essay on returning home to the West, after years abroad.
Yellowstone snowmobilers suffer whiplash
Judge Emmet Sullivan reinstates a Clinton-era ban on snowmobiles in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks
Reform school for wolves
At Ted Turner's Montana ranch, biologists are trying to train wolves to stay away from cattle by using shock collars that jolt the animals when they get too close to a cow or calf.
EPA sets sights on snowmobiles
The Environmental Protection Agency says snowmobiles should be banned in Yellowstone, at least until cleaner machines are built, but the Park Service is seeking a less controversial alternative.
Another wilderness developer pops up
Developer Jim Sievers wants to build an exclusive wilderness playground on the inholding he owns in the middle of Montana's Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness.
On the Web, church chats up a storm
The internal debate over the Church Universal and Triumphant's recent changes is reflected in cyberspace, where Web sites air opinions pro and con.
Bison may get ground to stand on
Highlights from the Church Universal and Triumphant's proposal to allow bison to roam free on the Royal Teton Ranch.
Church lands will help bail out bison
The Church Universal and Triumphant wants to work with the state and federal government on the management of the bison that stray from Yellowstone onto the church's Royal Teton Ranch.
Church picks and chooses to create a belief system
The theology of the Church Universal and Triumphant is a smorgasbord of world religions that the new church leadership is trying to repackage in a more accessible form.
A biography of Prophet's most recent life
Elizabeth Clare Prophet's most recent incarnation has led her through four marriages, the founding of the Church Universal and Triumphant and now a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease that forces her to step down from the leadership of the sect.
Selling off the Promised Land
In Montana, the Church Universal and Triumphant re-invents itself as its charismatic founder, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, retires, and new leadership offers part of the sect's Royal Teton Ranch for conservation easements and federal land trades.
Bison sleek, but suspect
Montana is prepared to fight a new federal proposal that would allow "low-risk" bison unlikely to spread brucellosis to leave Yellowstone National Park without being killed.
Snowmobiles remain an issue
Snowmobilers and the tourist industry object to the Park Service's plan to close some Yellowstone trails to snowmobiling in an effort to curb the winter wandering of park bison.
When it's 25 below and dropping
Life at 25 below in towns like Livingston, Mont., is made bearable by things like poker, polar fleece and Portabello mushrooms.
For bison, it's deja vu all over again
The history of bison in Yellowstone National Park is a century of human manipulation of wildlife.
Bison deaths spur lawsuit
Environmentalists sue to stop Yellowstone park rangers from slaughtering bison that stray beyond park boundaries.
An 'unfair, inflexible' bid to clean Montana's water
Montana's Clean Water Initiative arouses fierce industry protest with its plan to keep long-lived hardrock mining wastes out of the water.
Elk target tourists
Rutting elk go after human women in Yellowstone National Park.
Montana: For veteran Baucus, it seems to be in the bag
In Montana, Democratic incumbent Max Baucus forges ahead of Republican challenger Dennis Rehberg in the race for the Senate.
Montana: A scrappy Republican tries to cut down a green Democrat
In Montana's race for the House, mud-slinging Republican Rick Hill tackles a charismatic, Democratic Crow Indian, Bill Yellowtail, whose checkered past includes wife-battering.
Predator control: more pain than gain
A survey in Montana shows that predators account for just 2.2 percent of all cattle losses in the state in 1995.
Biologists to Yellowstone: Feed the grizzlies
Three biologists stir controversy with a book that urges Yellowstone Park managers to begin regulated feeding of grizzly bears.
Hobbled federal wolf program attracts friends and money
Environmental groups help raise money to reintroduce a second batch of Canadian wolves to Idaho and to Yellowstone National Park.
Jealousy, passion, rage: It all takes place in Yellowstone National Park
During elk rutting season, the little town of Mammoth Hot Springs inside Yellowstone National Park becomes a wild "cauldron of lust."
In surprising ways, wolves will restore natural balance
The return of wolves to Yellowstone will affect an entire ecosystem.
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