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A timber country memoir
Robert Leo Heilman's "Overstory: Zero; Real Life in Timber Country" portrays life in a logging community.
Hogs and a small town co-exist
A smaller hog farm in Albin, Wyo., is more or less welcome in the community, because the owner is local.
The West's lax rules draw hog factories
Factory hog farms that met resistance in the East and Midwest are moving West, drawn by lax regulations.
The Cowboy State gets shook up by 100,000 hogs
Local activists in Wheatland, Wyo., band together to fight an industrial hog farm that would produce 100,000 pigs a year - and a lot of unpleasant products.
Marathon Oil sues to get into roadless area
Marathon Oil Company is suing to get into lands pulled from a routine oil and gas lease sale because they are in a roadless, possible wilderness area.
Timber mill dreams of museum
Hull-Oakes Lumber Company wants to make a museum of a 90-year-old mill near Monroe, Ore., but environmentalists believe the company's stipulating that it get subsidized timber at the mill won't wash.
Nevada ranchers win water rights
Nevada's attorney general takes away the BLM's right to hold stock-water rights and says such rights belong solely to ranchers.
Frogs sport too many legs
Scientists say the eight-legged frogs showing up in western Oregon are probably victims of a trematode parasite.
Coyotes could get culled
Biologist Alan Clark believes that the only way to help the declining population of the endangered Columbia white-tailed deer is to begin to kill coyotes on the Washington wildlife refuge the deer live on.
'Developer' wants access to Oregon wilderness
Carl Alleman wants to develop his eight mining claims in Oregon's Kalmiopsis Wilderness to create a resort he says will cater to the handicapped.
Ski resort beefs up
Reaction is mixed to the Forest Service's decision to not allow development on Oregon's Mount Hood to expand onto more public land - but allow 5,000 more skiers, six new chairlifts and a new restaurant on the slopes.
Trade treaty may protect Arizona river
A citizens' petition accuses the U.S. Army of allowing one of its bases dry up Arizona's last free-flowing river, the San Pedro.
Idaho activists win one
A federal judge in Idaho overturns the 1995 conviction of 12 activists charged with violating a road closure in the Cove-Mallard area.
Is there oil under Utah's new monument?
Conoco wants to drill one or two exploratory oil wells in Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument before its leases expire in November.
Jobs open up in Washington
Sylvia Baca becomes temporary head of the BLM as Mike Dombeck moves to the Forest Service, and the National Park Service seeks a replacement for Roger Kennedy.
Water deal quenches many thirsts
A deal that swaps two potential dam sites above Utah's Zion National Park for a new one below will provide water while protecting the Virgin River.
Sting nets bird killers
A two-year U.S. Fish and Wildlife sting nabs 35 individuals and businesses in the Southwest for killing and selling protected migratory birds.
Is Craig's bill Salvage Rider II?
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig drafts a massive bill to change forest management on all BLM and Forest Service lands - and environmentalists warn that it's another salvage logging rider.
Grand Canyon rafting fees inflate
Rafting fees to float the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon are being increased this year.
Western raptors on the rise
The group Hawk Watch International reports that some birds of prey - merlins, ospreys and peregrine falcons - are doing well, although others, including northern goshawks and golden eagles, continue to decline.
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