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How an FBI mole tunneled into Earth First!
A country-swing dancer who showed up in Prescott last summer had a bug in his shirt, recording hundreds of hours of conversations between members of the radical environmental group.
Phoenix works to turn a Salt River floodplain into a billion-dollar development
A prime example of Arizona's ambitious plans for Central Arizona Project water is the Rio Salado project in Phoenix, a 20,000 acre development slated for a worthless, debris-filled floodplain on the Salt River.
The Aamodt case pits rural New Mexicans against each other
Western water fights usually pit local residents against outsiders. But in the Pojoaque valley north of Santa Fe, N.M., water has turned residents of several small Hispanic towns against the people living around them in Indian pueblos.
The Central Arizona Project is designed to water homes
The key to Arizona doubling its population by the year 2000, as many predict it will, is the Central Arizona Project, initially sold as an agricultural project to water cotton, wheat and alfalfa.
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