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A divine business
A divine business
In Bozeman, Mont., 78-year-old Vern Bandy says he finds water using the legendary art of dowsing.
We’re  in this together
We’re in this together
Owning a house in Rawlins, Wyoming now has global implications.
Organics and biofuels bring independence
More Montana farmers are starting to raise oilseed crops and produce their own biofuels to save on energy costs
Universities lag on organics
Montana’s land-grant universities have so far shown little interest in promoting organic agriculture
A New Green Revolution
In Montana’s dying farm country, "vanguard agriculture" is putting people back to work on the land
The life of an energy colony
A timeline shows that since its founding, Wyoming has occasionally boomed but more often busted under the thumb of extractive industry
Alternative livestock searches for a niche
After the enthusiastic boosterism that surrounded alternative livestock in the 1980s, emu, ostrich, elk and bison producers have seen the market - and their incomes - plummet.
Planning begins at the ballot box
Big Horn, Wyo., residents who lost a lawsuit to stop a resort and 600-home development get revenge by ousting one of the county commissioners who allowed the development.
Trying to think the good thoughts about ATVs
Trying to think the good thoughts about ATVs
An elk hunter dislikes ORVs despite their convenience because they make the country too small.
Bit by bit, government's power is being eroded by wave of takings lawsuits
Legal scholars discuss takings controversy at a University of Colorado law school conference.
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