Items by Sam Bingham

The Last Ranch: The truth is stranger than the book
After a year studying holistic resource management and a ranching family in Colorado's San Luis Valley, and another three years writing a book, the author goes back - to find that everything has changed.
Barbarians within agriculture's gates
Do we need a nationwide policy to fight the war against noxious weeds?
Allan Savory: Creator of a Socratic approach to land management
Savory's schematic rendition of holistic analysis can be used to make management decisions, analyze a policy, diagnose a problem or define a research project. Everything depends on the functioning of four interrelated processes that define the ecosystem.
The farm banks cut and run
An historic policy change at the Production Credit Associations in recent years came from the highest levels of its bureaucracy, and dictated that the credit system would be saved, whatever the costs to individual farm families.
The land has got to cash flow
Breakdown on the ever-expanding fringes of the farm economy has made long-fixed attitudes and policies about rural America negotiable.
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