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Chickens are roosting on private property in Oregon
Buyer’s remorse is strong in Oregon, where Measure 37 has sparked a developer’s feeding frenzy that has Oregonians’ heads spinning
Chickens are roosting on private property in Oregon
The writer says "I told you so" to all the people who thought land-use regulations had gone too far. Now, it looks like anarchy in Oregon.
Self-styled conservatives are the cheapest generation
The writer believes that libertarian conservatives have worked to destroy effective government
We're Tiger Woods, not Paris Hilton
The writer welcomes an America that will increasingly reflect Tiger Woods more than Paris Hilton
Oregon’s academic food fight in the cafeteria of ideas
The writer says a study of salvage logging by graduate students has shaken up both the conventional wisdom and Oregon State University
Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree
The writer says Christmas trees make the holiday real
Those rugged Alaskan individualists still love the federal dole
The writer says Alaska is no different from the West: It wants as much federal money as possible and no interference
Property rights advocates get rebuked in Oregon
The writer lays out the legal battle that led to Oregon’s highest court denying victory to property-rights advocates
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