Items by Ross Freeman

A royal cover-up
New Mexico's Meridian Oil Inc. has been shortchanging the government on royalties, according to a BLM investigation.
You can't cut them all
The General Accounting Office finds that the Forest Service overestimates the number of trees it can cut from Northwest forests.
Life among the ruins
A subdivision in southwestern Colorado allows buyers to build houses around Anasazi ruins.
R.S. 2477 detoured again
Department of Interior delays deadline for resolving a dispute over R.S. 2477, which encourages road building on public lands.
One project seems like the same old BuRec
Despite evidence it's a boondoggle, Southwestern Colorado's Animas-LaPlata is still slated for construction in order to meet treaty obligations to Ute Indian tribes.
Grand Canyon flood postponed
A plan to let the Colorado River flood for one week through Grand Canyon is delayed, to the chagrin of environmentalists.
No more free lunch
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe seeks to harvest troublesome sea lions.
Logging protesters say they won't give up
Activists face arrest for protesting Cove-Mallard timber sale.
Trimming pork the green way
The Green Scissors Report offers environmental suggestions for trimming federal budget.
Grass-roots strategy for salmon
Save Our Wild Salmon coalition comes up with its own salmon recovery plan.
Governor overrules voters
Republican Gov. Fife Symington overrules Arizona voters on takings legislation.
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