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'Redneck liberal' defends a hard-to-love landscape
Tim Faber, a carpenter, ranch hand and ‘redneck liberal,’ devotes himself to preserving the wild landscapes of Montana’s Missouri River Breaks
Fighting for the Rocky Mountain Front: Montana rancher Karl Rappold
Montana rancher Karl Rappold is determined to save his beloved Rocky Mountain Front from development by the oil and gas industry
Battle brews over a wilderness mother lode
Activists are fighting a copper and silver mine planned for underneath the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness in Montana.
Montana guts a green law
Montana greens are worried that recent legislative changes to the state's 1971 Montana Environmental Policy Act will make the law almost impossible to enforce.
An activist to the end
Friends and admirers mourn the sudden, mysterious death by drowning of lesbian activist and environmentalist Tary Mocabee of Montana's Mission Valley.
Republicans undermine a bedrock environmental law
Gayla Benefield of Libby, Mont., is among many fighting to keep the Montana Environmental Policy Act intact in the face of Republican attempts to weaken the far-reaching and powerful law.
What's best for a crumbling treasure?
Many Glacier and other historic hotels in Glacier National Park need major restoration, but some fear proposed legislation undermines concessionaire reforms only recently approved by Congress.
A test case on access
Jack and Stephanie McFarland sue when Glacier National Park officials deny them a special permit to snowmobile into their park inholding.
One proposal nearly runs aground
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is pushing for a new and expanded National Conservation Area along the banks of the Missouri River Breaks, a wild and scenic river corridor.
Tribes beat back oil giants
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes refuse to let the Yellowstone Pipe Line Co. run a petroleum pipeline across the Flathead Reservation in Montana.
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