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Dombeck takes on a new agency
Former BLM acting director Mike Dombeck takes over as the new chief of the Forest Service.
Multicultural grazing boards off to a good start
Multicultural grazing boards off to a good start
The BLM's Resource Advisory Committees appointed by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt help to ease tension and begin consensus among ranchers and environmentalists.
Rebels without a case
A U.S. District Court strikes down Nye County, Nevada's ordinance claiming county ownership of all public lands in its borders.
States and tribes
A report from the National Conference of State Legislators, "States and Tribes: Building New Traditions," says state and tribal governments need to cooperate.
Heard around the West
Cows poisoned; antler poaching; brucellosis logo in Yellowstone; overheated black-footed ferrets die; beef fudge recipe; prison near Norwood, Colo., school; salvage logging protest; "drive-through' Ph.D.; Harry Merlo's successor; recreation bulldozing.
Babbitt begins range reform
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt launches the first phase of his grazing reform in Grand Junction, Colorado.
U.S. House to the environment: Die!
Drastic budget cuts planned by a Republican Congress may have a dramatic effect on the environment.
Salvage logging reborn
President Clinton signs a compromise bill that calls for salvage logging on national forests.
Dan Beard resigns
Dan Beard resigns as director of the Bureau of Reclamation to the disappointment of environmentalists.
Salvage logging wounded but not dead
An award-winning salvage logging operation in Idaho provokes controversy and criticism.
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