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Idaho’s sewer system is the Snake River
Idaho’s sewer system is the Snake River
As Big Ag flourishes, this massive waterway suffers.
An optimistic man
Ecotrust founder Spencer Beebe in his own words on Willapa Bay.
Defender of fish
Fisherman Les Clark in his own words on the ecological problems and decline of salmon in Willapa Bay.
Working the Watershed
An unusual group founded by environmentalists and logging companies, the Willapa Alliance seeks to bring economic and ecological healing to Washington's Willapa Bay.
How love of gold moves mountains
A boycott of gold jewelry might solve the problems caused by mining.
Forest Service is trying to turn over a new leaf, but critics have doubts
The U.S. Forest Service believes there is a clear patch of land in Montana that affords a clear view of the future's enlightened forestry. The problem is, the agency's own past sometimes sullies the view.
How a Montana reporter wrote what he saw ... and lost his job
Missoulian reporter Richard Manning told how the logging business in Montana had taken a brutal turn that would punish the land, the local economy, and the small-time loggers and mills.
Union and Montana environmentalists reach agreement on what should be wilderness
As a result of four months of negotiations between unionized lumber mill workers and a coalition of conservationists, separate accords have emerged drawing wilderness boundaries for two of the state's 10 national forests.
In Montana: Grass-roots group may be Astroturf
At first it looked like simply another battle over trees, but this particular environmental war in Montana has a political twist.
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