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Wildlife on working lands get a leg up
Government to pay private landowners to restore habitat for dwindling species
Crowd control and wilderness redux at Yosemite's Half Dome
How should a popular hike be managed to maintain wilderness character?
Risks remain from uranium mining near the Grand Canyon
Existing mines pose their own problems, despite uranium development withdrawal
Air quality and energy development
Critics worry about water, but air pollution from oil and gas can also be significant
Home, home on ... a significant portion of its range
USFWS looks to clarify which species are eligible for ESA protection
Tribes could turn the tables on water control
The Animas-La Plata project offers a look into how tribal water deals may proceed
Open season on Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl
A Republican budget cutting site focuses on environmental literacy programs
Changing the way renewables are funded
One idea: rob from the rich (subsidized fossil fuels) and give to the poor (renewables)
In the rush for uranium, cooler heads prevail -- for now
Recent activity halts mining in sensitive areas, but push for more mining and uranium processing facilities continues
Oh, give them a home ...
Ending the bison rebuff
Down with the "National Insecurity and Federal Lands Destruction Act"
Border environmental law waiver act goes way too far
Drilling in state parks is more pavement on the road to hell
Energy development in Colorado's St. Vrain state park is a bad idea
Billion dollar baby: Why the Flaming Gorge pipeline is bad for the West
Million's pipeline project is not a solution
Mega myths of the Keystone XL pipeline
How pipeline proponents twist their facts
Some places are as good as gold
A plea for more wilderness protection
The monumental fight over Otero Mesa
National monument designation scares some New Mexicans
If polluting was a criminal offense, would it happen as much?
Give a hoot, don't pollute...or go to jail
It's getting hot out here
The new "normal" gets hotter with climate change
Out of their mines
Why calls to allow good Samaritans to clean up old mines are a bad idea
Where's the conservation?
Colorado River water wonks conference cooperative but limited in vision
Rare accord marks opening of Colorado River conference
Western water czars discuss drought, climate change
The kids are not all right (with climate change)
The next generation gets riled up
Swapping politics for science
Time to get strategic about saving endangered species.
Time is running out for the Grand Canyon
Uranium mining moratorium ends soon
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
Senators sneak de-listing into budget bill
Keeping the wild in National Wildlife Refuges
Add your voice as US. Fish and Wildlife plans for refuge management
Red, white and blue is the new green
Caring for the environment is very American
How green is your wind farm?
Enviro opposition to big renewable projects goes too far
Quenching Colorado's thirst
Watching snowpack levels -- and hoping
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