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Conservation calculus
Conservation calculus
Energy companies in Wyoming's Jonah Field are funding habitat preservation, but no one seems to know how the wildlife's doing.
Stuck in the PAWGmire
Stuck in the PAWGmire
The Pinedale Anticline Working Group was supposed to give citizens input on the local oil and gas boom, but it hasn’t worked out as planned.
Educating the economy
Western communities such as Lander, Wyo., are suddenly working hard to lure new colleges to town
In Idaho and Wyoming, old eminent domain laws allow private entities to condemn landowners’ property – as Peter and Judy Riede discovered when J.R. Simplot Co. announced plans to expand its phosphate mine and build a road across their ranch.
Wolf foes get medieval
A series of animal poisonings in Wyoming and Idaho raises questions about whether the states are ready to take on management of wolves
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