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When the health of your land is beyond your control
When the health of your land is beyond your control
An excerpt from Rebecca Clarren’s new novel explores the effects of fossil fuel development on a Western ranch.
Timberland herbicide spraying sickens a community
Timberland herbicide spraying sickens a community
Companies deposit thousands of pounds of herbicides each year on Oregon forests.
Farming's Toxic Legacy
Farming's Toxic Legacy
Long-banned pesticides linger in the soils of neighborhoods built on former agricultural land in central Washington.
How to Play Safely in the Soil
How to Play Safely in the Soil
High Country News offers tips on how to garden safely if your home is built on at-risk former farmland.
Backyard poisons?
Backyard poisons?
Soil samples from the yards of two Yakima families showed intriguing but not always comforting results.
Dairy injuries and deaths 2003-2009
Dairy injuries and deaths 2003-2009
Dairy work is dangerous, but lax laws and reporting requirements make it difficult to tell how many people are hurt or killed in dairies each year.
The dark side of dairies
The dark side of dairies
A combination of lax laws and poor oversight leaves dairy workers vulnerable to exploitation and on-the-job dangers.
Paddling toward shore
Paddling toward shore
The Suquamish Tribe is resurrecting the old ways of Northwestern Indians – particularly their traditional canoe journeys – to improve the health of its young people.
Busted in Rio Blanco
Busted in Rio Blanco
Rio Blanco County, Colo., which was just recently buzzing with oil and gas development, now faces an unexpected slowdown as the national economy tanks.
The sick and tired West
The EPA under George Bush has put the health of Westerners at risk in order to make life easier for big industry.
Female farmworkers are the most vulnerable
Female farmworkers are the most vulnerable
Rebecca Clarren takes a close look at the sexual harassment faced by women farmworkers, most of them non-English speaking immigrants.
'Si, se puede'
Latino activist Dolores Huerta continues to inspire and organize after 50 lively years.
Guest workers: Laborers or commodity?
Commentary: states trying to maneuver around feds' failure to act
Plowing under the fields of shame
Rebecca Clarren talks to migrant farmworker women about a threat they face every day in the fields: sexual harassment and assault by coworkers and bosses.
Big stakes surround South Dakota's abortion ban
The writer tells what's at stake when South Dakota votes on an abortion ban
Zine Roundup: Gone fishing
A 38-year-old female deckhand who calls herself Moe Bowstern created the zine called Xtra Tuf to explore the turbulent culture of the fishing industry
Zine Roundup: Sweet simplicity
Since 1992, Dan Price has been publishing a hand-drawn, illustrated zine called Moonlight Chronicles from his tiny, hobbit-style home in a meadow in Joseph, Ore.
Health is a casualty on the fast track to gas drilling
The writer says nobody knows what effect widespread drilling for natural gas is having on the health of nearby residents
A silent victim of illegal immigration is our public lands
The writer says we fail to count the costs of illegal border crossers to our public lands
Someday, chickens will come home to roost
The writer sees devastation on the ground from gas wells fragmenting the land
'Water bank' drags river basin deeper into debt
The Klamath Basin water bank was intended to end a tug-of-war over scarce water, but with some farmers selling off water while other wells go dry, tensions in the Oregon valley are only getting worse
Fear in the fields
The writer says undocumented women have long been prey in the fields to men who harass and rape them. Finally, some women are getting legal help to fight back
Dead birds off the coast tell us what we don't know
The writer says we know fish and birds died off the West Coast; what we don't know is why
An organic label for milk is getting watered down
The writer finds that the label for organic milk is being watered down
In our rush to protect America, we secretly put Americans at risk
The writer supports the claims of "downwinders" near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation who are finally getting their day in court
A mountain lifts a heavy heart
An emotionally wounded writer is cheered by a visit to Mount St. Helens, even though heavy clouds obscured the volcano
In Oregon, a lesson learned the hard way
Oregon’s famed land-use laws take a stake to the heart, thanks to voter ire and planners' failure to explain the benefits of a system that has kept strip-malls and sprawl to a minimum
Revolt rattles Oregon’s famed planning regulations
The writer says a rural and property-owners’ revolt will reshape Oregon’s famed planning regulations
Cheering on Mount St. Helens is a spectator sport
The writer travels to Mount St. Helens to join the throngs watching for a volcanic eruption
Dams will stand, salmon be damned
The Bush administration’s new salmon plan treats dams as a natural part of the landscape, and sees a recovery plan as more important than actual species recovery
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