Items by Randal O'toole

An unabashed green's snapshot of Northwest forest activism
A review of Kathy Durbin's "Tree Huggers: Victory, Defeat, and Renewal in the Northwest Ancient Forest Campaign."
Environmentalists shouldn't have helped force out Dale Robertson
Opinion writer says that former Forest Chief Dale Robertson shouldn't have been replaced by Jack Ward Thomas.
Let's stop dirt-bike noise and 'the-end-is-here' noise
"Wise-users" may not have much influence, but they should give environmentalists pause to reconsider their long-run strategies.
An ancient-forest primer
Timber jobs in the Northwest began to disappear long before the spotted owl became an issue. A forest economist explains the basics of the ancient forest controversy and why the economic challenge to the region extends far beyond direct job losses.
What do environmentalists really want?
After working as a professional environmentalist for over ten years, I have come to the conclusion that environmentalists don't know what they want. They certainly know what they don't want, but what they think they want instead often turns out to be worse than what they've got.
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