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Mining may no longer be king of the mountain
Environmentalists are delighted by a new court ruling that says Gale Norton’s Interior Department abdicated its duty when it refused to regulate hard-rock mining
A moment of truth for user fees
The Recreation Fee Demonstration Program is renewed until January 2006, despite mounting criticism of the program
Forest protection on the honor system
The House and Senate pass the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, which environmentalists fear will do the opposite of its name
Six Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them
In Six Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them, Mark Jerome Walters says that modern "ecodemics" like mad cow disease and Lyme disease can be blamed on human meddling with nature
State picks up federal slack on perchlorate
Outgoing California Gov. Gray Davis signs two bills into law to protect drinking water from perchlorate contamination
Snowmaking and drought: a bad combination
Artificial snowmaking at Colorado ski resorts can lead to pollution problems when water is taken from rivers contaminated by heavy metals from mining
Mining companies slapped with half the bill for Superfund mess
In Idaho, a judge rules that Hecla and Asarco are responsible for pollution in the Silver Valley, but that the two companies created only half the mine tailings and therefore need pay for only half the estimated damage costs
West Coast states tackle global warming
Outgoing California Gov. Gray Davis is working with Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Washington Gov. Gary Locke on a regionwide plan for slowing greenhouse gas emissions
National monuments are here to stay
The Supreme Court refuses to hear arguments against six national monuments that President Clinton created under the authority of the 1906 Antiquities Act
Contamination uncovered at Energy office
Beryllium contamination in a Las Vegas Energy Department complex may have come from a 1965 nuclear reactor explosion, some 85 miles away
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