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A new use for old produce
A new use for old produce
Inside the cross-border operation that saves fresh food from the trash.
Hope in a post-nature society
Hope in a post-nature society
A writer seeks answers from Lake Powell.
Phoenix tries to rise from the flames
Phoenix tries to rise from the flames
The Sunbelt city is one of the nation's most sweltering urban heat islands. But simple solutions to help cool it are at hand.
Will Navajos approve a Grand Canyon megadevelopment?
Will Navajos approve a Grand Canyon megadevelopment?
An audacious development proposal near Grand Canyon National Park divides a tribe and its neighbors.
California prepares for the next burn
California prepares for the next burn
Public officials – and even homeowners – are beginning to accept the inevitability of wildfires in the Golden State.
A good idea – if you can get away with it
A good idea – if you can get away with it
Rainwater harvesting is against the law in many Western states, but folks in Utah, Colorado and Washington want to change that.
Making an effluent market
How will Westerners pay for – and market – their recycled drinking water?
Take back these drugs – please
Some communities are trying to keep discarded pharmaceuticals out of the water supply by organizing “take-back programs” for leftover drugs
Facing the Yuck Factor
As population growth and climate change stress the region’s water supplies, Westerners think hard about recycling their effluent, although some worry about the possibly harmful endocrine disrupters found in cleaned-up effluent.
Biomass: What to do with all that wood
Mark Sardella’s nonprofit group Local Energy is determined to heat local communities with biomass energy, created by burning logging slash and millwaste from New Mexican forests
Peace Breaks Out In New Mexico's Forests
In northern New Mexico, the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program brings Hispanic loggers and Anglo environmentalists together to work on creating healthy, sustainable forests and rural economies
For this English chef, home is the Colorado Plateau
Chef John Sharpe has created a gourmet restaurant in the desert town of Winslow, Ariz., far from his birthplace in the misty green landscape of England
For this logger, twisted trees are the future
Woodworker Gordon West turns small and irregular pine logs into useful building materials in his shop near Silver City, N.M.
Stargazers defend darkness in Arizona
The Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition's struggle to keep the stars visible has led to the city's designation as the first "International Dark-Sky City."
Lawns and pools close in on desert lab
The University of Arizona's Desert Laboratory, a unique desert biological field station, faces the pressure of the city of Tucson's growth and the uncertain future of the land.
Grand Central Canyon
The National Park Service weighs the benefits of four management plans limiting numbers within Grand Canyon National Park.
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