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Safe crossing
Traffic engineers work with biologists to protect both wildlife and motorists on hazardous highways.
Wolf killers sought in Southwest
Five reintroduced Mexican wolves have been shot and killed in Arizona and New Mexico, and while an investigation goes on, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service releases four more animals into the wild.
He found spotted owls; the agency ignored them
In his own words, activist Peter Galvin explains how he came to be involved in the creation of the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity.
Modern 'civilization' is a doomsday machine
In his own words, philosopher and activist Kieran Suckling describes the vision behind his involvement with the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity.
In pursuit of crooked feds
In his own words, physician and photographer Robin Silver describes the strategy and ideals of the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity.
A bare-knuckled trio goes after the Forest Service
The founders of the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity - Robin Silver, Kieran Suckling and Peter Galvin - are uncompromising and obsessive in their goal of preserving endangered species.
Can Southwest activism and money coexist?
The Pew Charitable Trust offers a huge grant to the 50 environmental groups banded together in the Southwest Forest Alliance - and some environmentalists worry that the money may do more harm than good.
Northern Arizona U. looks back, moves forward
Researchers at Northern Arizona University, led by Wallace Covington and Margaret Moore, try to inject science into the public policy debates over logging.
Why Arizonans voted for leg-hold traps
A leg-hold trap ban dies in Arizona's rancher-friendly legislature.
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