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Salmon win again (in court)
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Northwest Power Planning Council and in favor of salmon.
As elections near, green hopes wilt
Environmentalists face upcoming elections with some anxiety.
False alarm
General Accounting Office report proves that environmental nonprofits do not make money on land transactions.
To learn more: a list of sources
Brief reviews of books and other references for planners.
'Wise use' plans abhor change
Wise-use groups resist any attempt to restrict land use.
Some state governments try planning from top down
Oregon's 21-year-old land-use law survives challenges but Colorado fails to follow its lead.
When planning plays catch-up
A recent real estate boom tempers one Colorado town's enthusiasm for growth.
Boulder's ingenuity has a few drawbacks
Boulder's innovative land use and planning have spawned a few problems of their own.
A soft-paths approach to land conservation
One approach to land use is to create private, nonprofit land trusts.
A toolbox to shape the future
Planning tools used in the West vary greatly from community to community.
Can planning rein in a stampede?
The uncontrolled growth of Western states makes planning essential.
Regional wilderness bill gets a hearing
Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA), which would establish wilderness in five Western states, has little chance of passing.
New plan will protect salmon habitat
"Pacfish" proposal would protect riparian areas of northwest.
The salmon win one
Ruling calls for major reevaluation of Columbia and Snake river dams.
Fly-by tourism may be throttled at Grand Canyon
New rules may curb sightseeing flights over Grand Canyon.
Miners hope to become subdividers
Mid-Continent Resources wants to develop land to help pay for mine cleanup.
State land lease in Idaho goes to the low bidder
Idaho Watersheds Project loses bid for public land to ranchers Will and Vangie Ingram.
Wise-use ordinances suffer legal setback
Boundary County land-use plan found unconstitutional.
Sierra Club to back big wildlands bill
The Sierra Club joins the Alliance for the Wild Rockies in backing the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.
Battle for Montana wilderness enters its 16th round
Rep. Pat Williams introduces the Montana Wilderness Act for the 16th time, amidst disagreements between The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, The Sierra Club and other members of the environmentalist community.
Arizona BLM punishes 'bad bureaucrat'
BLM hydrologist is censured after charging that groundwater pumping could harm the nation's first national conservation area along the San Pedro River.
Does Aspen need thousands more skiers?
The Forest Service struggles over approval of an Aspen Skiing Co. expansion plan to develop Burnt Mountain, near the Maroon Bells Wilderness.
Rural Colorado county says it is being dumped on
An advocacy group charges that a Waste Management landfill is contaminating their water supply.
More Clinton appointees are confirmed
Clinton appoints officials to the BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, NPS, US Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Colorado passes mining reforms
The Colorado legislature passes mining reforms after the Summitville gold mine disaster.
Missile plan shoots for the West
The military wants to launch missiles from Utah into New Mexico.
Areas fear glitzification
Accelerating growth worries locals in Dubois, Wyoming, and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
Drought in the Northwest hurts salmon, power
Diminished reservoirs slow salmon migration and hike power prices in the Pacific Northwest.
Wise-use ordinance challenged in Idaho
Wise-use organizing tactics come under fire from several environmental groups.
The drill starts to change at Interior
Jim Baca and George Frampton are appointed as heads of the BLM and the Interior Department's fish and wildlife programs, respectively.
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