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Will the Northwest Forest Plan come undone?
Will the Northwest Forest Plan come undone?
The Forest Service and BLM embark on revising the iconic plan and may allow more logging.
BPA scapegoats fish to protect fat cats
If Bonneville Power Administration can't afford to save salmon, it should be gotten rid of entirely.
BuRec to allow water thefts to continue
BuRec backs off from water-spreading reforms.
Who's who in water spreading
A brief guide to groups involved in water-spreading issues.
Water for the taking
Irrigators are depleting Oregon's Umatilla River.
Oregon paper clearcuts a tough reporter
Reporter Kathie Durbin resigns from the Oregonian.
... and invoked for salmon, against grazing
Environmentalists use Endangered Species Act to protect Snake River salmon from grazing.
Northwest forests hit by new lawsuits
Numerous lawsuits attempt to halt logging of old-growth forests.
A doomed species?
While experts disagree and timber industry pooh-poohs, spotted owl may lose its long fight for survival.
Groups are wary of aluminum companies bearing gifts
Aluminum company owner offers environmental groups money to file suits against commercial fishing.
Ideological schism leads to a personal feud
Former Forest Watch colleagues Randal O'Toole and Jeffrey St. Clair at odds.
Damnable dams
A list of 18 dams Oregon Natural Resources Council would like to see eliminated.
Northwest is asked to give up 18 dams
Oregon Natural Resources Council wants 18 dams destroyed to save Northwest's salmon.
Clinton's forest plan draws 83,000 responses
Clinton's Option 9 forest plan draws fire from all sides after the April Forest Summit.
Groups blast recovery plan for four salmon runs
A Snake River Chinook Recovery Team plan to truck salmon downstream does more to protect hydropower than fish, critics say.
The decline and fall of salmon
Logging, hydropower and fishing contribute to the decline of salmon in Oregon waters.
Western governers want help
Governors from Idaho, Washington, California and Oregon ask the President to design a strategy to restore declining salmon runs.
Foundation seeks to change Northwest
Denis Hayes takes the helm at the environmentally friendly Bullitt Foundation
Support drops for Clinton's timber plan
Alexander Cockburn's article in "The Nation" harshly criticizes Clinton's forest plan and the Sierra Club for going along with it.
Clinton vs. Foley
As President Clinton unveils his plan for protecting the old trees and declining species in Northwest forests, he disturbed a big bear on the trail: Democrat Thomas S. Foley, the longtime congressman from Washington state.
How L-P soiled the air and itself
Louisiana-Pacific is fined $11.1 million for violating the Clean Air Act.
Fish-killing dams may be razed
A soon-to-be-released study may recommend dam removal as the best, and perhaps only, way of reviving Chinook salmon in the Elwha River.
Is the Northwest ready to live within its forests?
A reporter chronicles the events in the Pacific Northwest leading up to the Forest Summit in Oregon.
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