Items by Patrick Dowd

Locally owned in Great Falls
A new weekly, "The Great Times," begins in Great Falls, Montana.
Where's the fish?
Maps from Washington state's Department of Natural Resources wrongly shows no fish living in more than 1,000 miles of streams - and could thereby harm what fish remain when protective corridors are not left beside streams.
Reservoir unleashes more than water
More than 4,000 fish are killed by sediment when an irrigation company drains its reservoir on Colorado's Poudre River.
Clean air for a price
Washington's Centralia Coal Plant want $80 million in tax breaks to stop polluting the air over Mount Rainier.
Through Hells and high water
The Forest Service bans jetboats from Hells Canyon for 21 days each summer on a 21-mile stretch of the Snake River.
Helping hands
The Older American Program encourages retirees to help out at national forests and parks.
Brown air could lead to greener state politics
Republicans seem to be solidly entrenched in Arizona, but some environmentalists see a possible shift in the direction of moderation.
Nevada: Who hates nuclear waste most?
In Nevada, a tight race for Congress has Republican John Ensign and Democrat Bob Coffin arguing over which of them hates the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository the most.
A "down time" for Utah environmentalists
Not many surprises in store for Utah in upcoming elections, analysts say.
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