Items by Patrick Dawson

Armed, crazy and lost in the Wild West
The mixture of guns, anti-environmentalism and conspiracy theories in the Northwest makes a frightening, fascist brew.
Montana spurns feds to hold spring grizzly hunt
Montana wildlife officials have rebuffed federal pressure to call off a special early grizzly bear hunt. Federal wildlife officials wanted it stopped in order to prevent a possible overkill this year of the threatened species.
Montana's bison extermination policy to continue
A national animal-rights group failed to convince a federal judge that the state of Montana should stop killing free-roaming Yellowstone National Park bison.
Are wildlife unbranded cattle?
Ready access to fishing and hunting in states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming is now threatened by the trend toward fee hunting by owners of large blocks of land.
Will the Crow Tribe dribble away $29 million in coal tax money?
A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court opens up an old account and allows the tribe to set its own coal tax rates.
God's country is being developed
Church Universal and Triumphant stirs controversy on the northern edge of Yellowstone National Park.
Is Montana being (de)railroaded?
Dennis Washington's Montana Rail Link takes over 900 miles of track from Burlington Northern, prompting picketing (and possibly sabotage) by workers.
'Big Open' proposal arouses strong emotion and hostility in Montana
The plan would shift marginal agriculture on the northern plains toward an economy based on free-ranging wildlife.
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