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The Wayward West
NW Forest Plan not saving owls; logging planned for beetle-infested forests in Wash. and Idaho; Canadian company to drill for oil on Blackfeet Reservation; Montana press secretary Andrew Malcolm to work for Bush campaign; Navajo Nation sues Peabody Coal.
Coal-tax dispute may return to high court
Montana's Crow Indians are fighting to get money they say was improperly collected in coal severance taxes from Crow-owned coal.
Jury tackles a question of ethics in Montana
A jury made mostly of hunters finds Chad McKittrick guilty in the death of a reintroduced wolf, and castigates his lack of "hunting ethics."
Indians ask Congress for a First Amendment
Indian sacred sites are vulnerable to mining because the American Indian Religious Freedom Act has no teeth.
Gold company stymied in Montana's Sweet Grass Hills
The BLM refuses permission to explore gold-mining claims in the Sweet Grass hills.
A big gold mine wants to get bigger
The Pegasus gold mine plans expansion amid Assiniboine and Gros Ventre tribes' accusations of pollution.
Sheepmen told: The wolf is at the door
The gray wolf is coming back to Montana, and those who raise sheep and other livestock are going to have to learn to live with it.
The U.S. has spent a century chiseling away Crow land
The Crow have been one of the more flexible tribes in adapting to the ways of the dominant culture. But tribal leaders fear their easygoing ways may cost Crow children their ancestral ground.
Montana wool growers say that the wolf is at the door
Wolves were thought to be extinct in this part of the country, wiped out over a half-century ago by bounty hunters and government trappers. But this year, in southeastern Montana, they're the center of the talk.
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