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Leasing the West
Leasing the West
A look inside a Bureau of Land Management oil and gas leasing auction, a tradition that may be killed by the digital age.
Taking to the Trees
After conquering rocks, trails and mountains, weekend warriors have found a new hobby: Climbing the West’s big trees.
Red Mountain miracle
In southern Colorado, conservation groups find a way to save 9,000 high-altitude acres from second-home development.
Border restoration’s odd couple
In southwestern Arizona, the U.S. Border Patrol is working with Cocopah Indians and environmentalists to restore a degraded, crime-ridden wetland called Hunters Hole.
The great American cat fight
Environmentalists and Fish and Wildlife battle over the return of the jaguar to Southwestern borderlands.
Super rodents build super habitat
In the Southwest’s Chihuahuan Desert, prairie dogs and kangaroo rats provide food and shelter for a host of other animals.
Love for the clay-loving buckwheat
In western Colorado, a coalition has rallied to buy habitat for one of the world’s rarest plants.
Getting fresh with the West’s groundwater
A new desalination technology uses the sun and your air conditioner to create fresh water.
Making a killing to save Arizona's desert bighorn sheep
In order to save bighorn sheep, wildlife officials kill a mountain lion, and more sheep.
A struggling sea
California's largest lake, the Salton Sea, is on the verge of ecological collapse.
A gold mine in the Colorado wilderness?
The owners of a 1938 mining claim in the Uncompaghre wilderness plan to start digging for gold.
The magnificent obsession of sheep herding
In rural Colorado, border collies and their handlers compete in a Western tradition, sheep dog trials.
Colorado mountain town raises millions to save meadow
In Telluride, townsfolk raise $50 million to preserve open space, but the land's owner is fighting condemnation.
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