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Montana's stream access war may be over
After more than five years of tug-of-war in the courts and the Montana Legislature, the battle over recreational access to rivers and streams appears to be settled.
Canadian mine threatens northern Montana
The Cabin Creek coal-mining project is in British Columbia would excavate open pits about five miles north of the U.S.-Canadian border and just off the North Fork of the Flathead River.
The West learns to live with wood stoves
Only a few short years ago residents of Missoula, Montana, scoffed at the thought that wood-burning stoves and fireplaces -- not industry -- were the primary cause of the city's suffocating bouts of winter air pollution.
The Montana Legislature gave coal a break
Montana's coal severance tax may still be the highest in the nation at 30 percent, but a portion of that environmental insurance was chipped away during the 1985 Montana Legislature.
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