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Poison in the Wind
As suburban neighborhoods sprawl into California’s agricultural land, residents are faced with pesticide drift and other problems
Bear killing increases but protection decreases
Illegal killing of grizzlies seems to be increasing in the Northern Rockies even as Interior Secretary Gale Norton announces plans to take Yellowstone’s bears off the endangered species list
Where have all the rangers gone?
Budget crunches have thinned Forest Service staffing even as visitor numbers soar, making it hard to enforce regulations such as trail closures
Public-lands agenda turns more radical, urgent
Rep. Richard Pombo has inserted a provision in the House budget bill that will reform United States mining law to allow for the selling off of public lands
Homeland Security gets to bypass environmental laws
Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff is using the recently passed Real ID Act to bypass environmental, safety and labor laws in order to build a giant border fence south of San Diego
Forest Service tries to teach greens a lesson
The Forest Service’s claim that a recent court order would suspend routine activities – such as cutting Christmas trees or picking mushrooms – has been dismissed by the judge as the agency’s attempt to blow the issue out of proportion
Restoration-by-poisoning plan shot down
Just hours before the California Department of Fish and Game planned to poison a Sierra Nevada stream to help restore a threatened trout, a federal court halted the controversial project
Boulder gets the gas-drilling blues
Energy companies are planning to drill on open space in Boulder County, Colo.
Dear friends
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