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Wolf management in Idaho is not ready for prime time
Wolf management in Idaho is not ready for prime time
The controversy that flared when a trapper posted a photo of himself with a dying wolf proves that Idaho and other Western states are incapable of managing wolves without the help of the Endangered Species Act.
The wild West lives
Dave Foreman's first novel, The Lobo Outback Funeral Home, tackles issues like wolf reintroduction, old-boy politics, and New Mexico culture clashes in the guise of fiction.
Extinct volcano is up for grabs
Northern New Mexico's Valles Caldera is for sale, and many think the world's largest extinct volcano ought to become the nation's next national park.
Wolves go wild in the Southwest
The first endangered Mexican wolves are returned to the wild in southern Arizona and New Mexico's Apache and Gila national forests.
Mining pressure forces last-minute BLM wilderness review
The Bureau of Land Management is reconsidering a total of 450,775 acres of potential wilderness, in four Western states, that were initially recommended for wilderness designation.
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