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Hobby miners flock to public streams
Amateur gold prospectors are invading the West’s publicly owned streams, and environmentalists say the hobby’s popularity threatens fish and the environment
Tiny tribe bets its community on casino
Washington’s 194-member Stillaguamish Tribe has demolished its only village to make room for a casino, but now the casino’s financiers are under investigation, and the tribe’s gaming permit is in limbo
Wild Sky Wilderness could be downsized
As the Wild Sky Wilderness Act goes to Congress this year, supporters fear the Republican-controlled Congress may let the timber industry have a crack at the land, rather than preserving the area in Washington’s Cascade Range.
Walla Walla Basin sidesteps a water war
On the Walla Walla River In southern Washington and northern Oregon, local farmers and environmentalists have avoided a drought-sparked water war with collaboration and innovative irrigation reform.
Silver Valley residents sue for damages
A class-action lawsuit could force five former mining companies to pay for a medical monitoring program detecting health effects from lead and arsenic contamination for 100,000 people in the Coeur d'Alene Basin.
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