Items by Mary Sojourner

Selling peace on the street in Flagstaff, Arizona
In front of the Flagstaff post office, Mary Sojourner talks to strangers about ending the war in Iraq and feeding the hungry.
A life of brutal grace
The Boy Who Invented Skiing" is the memoir of Swain Wolfe, who spent his boyhood in a Colorado Springs tuberculosis sanatorium in the '30s
Opposing Wal-Mart doesn’t make you a Nazi
The writer says she’s a feminist and an environmentalist, but don’t call her a Nazi
Occupying less
A wild bird helps teach a woman how to let go of the need to own things
To have and have not in Flagstaff, Arizona
Mary Sojourner writes about the haves and have nots in Flagstaff
Happy Sounds in Arizona
Happy Sounds in Arizona
Why I do what I do, the way that I do it
Mary Sojourner heads for the desert and finds a reader’s oasis.
Everybody’s a greenie now
It’s a snap these days to call yourself "green"
Light and love in Wyoming
Mark Spragg's first novel, The Fruit of Stone, is the story of a Western road trip that “runs like a hard back road, gorgeous and tricky.”
Who are we?
Writers who use the editorial "we" should remember how large and diverse that American "we" can be
Fenced out of Bush's gated empire
An anti-war demonstration in Flagstaff, Ariz., leads the writer to consider that our leaders are becoming more and more removed from the people, living and governing in isolation behind high and fortified walls.
The Old West went that-a-way
Encouraged by an East Coast editor, the writer gives her outspoken opinion of the "Real West," and the editor turns it down.
You can call mine Mortgage Manor
A new database that allows one to register the fancy names of luxury homes for $75 a house will not get a lot of use by those who live in houses with names like Sagging Floor and Mortgage Manor.
A bittersweet victory in the New West
Overjoyed at the ruling that means the Dry Lake volcanic area near Flagstaff, Ariz., will not be developed as planned, an activist still feels compassion for the developer, remembering her own gambling days and how it feels to gamble and lose.
Squandering our kids' inheritance
A woman ponders the addiction to gambling which keeps her - and many others who can't afford it - going back to Nevada's slot machines, over and over.
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