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The white media kill Indians again and again
The white media kill Indians again and again
Non-native reporters refuse to cover anything but the unbearable
Three Tribes, a Dam and a Diabetes Epidemic
Three Tribes, a Dam and a Diabetes Epidemic
On North Dakota's Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, a diabetes epidemic has its roots in the dam that flooded the tribes' farmland and destroyed their way of life.
Coyotes move into Colorado’s Front Range
Coyotes move into Colorado’s Front Range
Urban communities on Colorado's Front Range are trying to cope with an influx of coyotes.
March Madness in Indian Country
March Madness in Indian Country
Basketball provides a bright spot in reservation life.
Got warriors?
Got warriors?
On Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation, Stanford Addison – a quadriplegic Northern Arapaho horse gentler – helps Indian boys through their difficult teenage years.
Native hum
As honeybees vanish, Western farmers turn to the region’s native pollinators
Watching cowboy movies with Indians
The writer watches cowboy movies with Indians while visiting the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, and finds a revelation along with the myth
Wanted: queer eye for the rural guy
Lisa Jones wishes for a queer eye for her rural guy
The flu comes to visit
Lisa Jones shudders when flu sufferers gather to sniffle in her house
My Sensitive Man meets culture shock on the range
A sensitive male from Vermont comes face-to-face with Western violence at the movies
Culture shock on the Range
Lisa Jones watches the movie Open Range and experiences culture shock
Dear Friends
Harold Schoeffler visits from Louisiana; more visitors; new Webmaster Paolo Bacigalupi
Ed Marston to the West: Grow up!
Ed Marston to the West: Grow up!
A profile of Ed Marston, the outgoing publisher of High Country News, describes his path from East Coast physics professor to a small-town Colorado environmentalist publisher unusually sympathetic to ranchers
On the phone, on the Rez
Wireless phones have become popular among the rural residents of the Southwest's sprawling Navajo Reservation.
He's worried about weeds
A profile of Forest Service botanist Steve Monsen describes his battle with squarrose knapweed, which is infesting the western part of Utah, where Monsen has spent his life.
The last Celtic warlord lives in New Mexico
A profile of Catron County, N.M.'s lawyer, Jim Catron, reveals a man steeped in Celtic and cowboy mythology, and uncompromising in his anti-government fervor.
Not your average beauty queen
A profile of 24-year-old Rachel Benally shows a vibrant young woman whose family life is in bright contrast to the often-grim statistics about youth problems in the Navajo Reservation.
Searching for pasture
Lyle McNeal revived the Churro sheep, a dying breed, and helped the Navajos who once depended on them, but now the professor is locked in a bitter battle over the sheep and other issues with Utah State University, which once supported the project.
All you can eat at Pueblito del Paiz
In the western Colorado town of Olathe, Ted Medina's Pueblito del Paiz serves as boarding house, dining hall and occasionally tense meeting ground for the Mexican and Indian workers who labor in the area's farm fields.
Peggy Godfrey's long, strange trip
In Colorado's San Luis Valley, Peggy Godfrey works hard raising sheep, writing cowboy poetry, helping neighbors at calving time and living what she describes as the life of a free woman.
'I have a 1996 Dodge Caravan ... I'm a family guy'
Newly naturalized citizen Jesus Angulo in his own words describes his successful journey from Sinaloa, Mexico, to Denver, Colo.
'I don't want to live in a community of rich white people. It's boring'
Shelley Weiss of Oakley, Utah, in her own words talks about her group, Conexion Amigo's work helping local Mexican workers
'They're good workers. And they're all we've got'
Kay Humann, the office manager of High Country Linen in Jackson, Wyo., says that the only people who will do the work are the Spanish-speaking people.
'The way they treated me, I don't like it at all'
Legal immigrant Agustin Perez plans to sue federal immigration officials because of the way he was treated during the Aug. 8 raid in Jackson, Wyo.
El Nuevo West
Spanish-speaking, often underestimated immigrant workers keep the West's ski resorts running in the face of INS raids, discrimination and other trials.
Heard around the West
Wilderness golfing; a renegade in nothing but a T-shirt sent to save the soul of an angry man; Durango's Jeff Morrissey and more A-LP rudeness; housekeeper sues ritzy Colorado club.
Heard around the West
"Samowen" campground; Samish Tribe is not dead yet; urine-testing for river guides' cellular phone "rescue in Yosemite"; bears in cars; state-sponsored hairdos in Montana.
Agriculture, education key to Indian prosperity
Supporters of land-grant status for Indian colleges say education is the key for Native American prosperity.
Native Soil: Lakotas garden for health and independence
An innovative program at Oglala Lakota College teaches a Plains Indian tribe to garden.
Heard around the West
Colorado too inefficient to be Switzerland; "Mrs. Paonia" in Denver; intoxicated police chiefs and neck-breaking veterinarians; doctors irk mining industry; free enterprise vs. Pepsi and Coke; spanking in Montana.
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