Items by Larry Warren

Zion takes tourists out of their cars
Utah's Zion National Park, one of the nation's most popular, has become the first Western park to replace cars with a shuttle bus system in its most heavily visited area.
Rural Utah braces for a latter-day plague
Utah farmers and ranchers are trying to prepare for what is expected to be a terrible infestation of Mormon crickets and other grasshoppers.
Colorado refused to play
In 1972, Colorado became the first city ever to win the right to host the Olympics only to change its mind and slam the door on them.
Utah counties bulldoze the BLM, Park Service
Utah county commissioners in San Juan, Garfield and Kane counties bulldoze illegal roads into BLM and Park Service lands, including wilderness study areas and the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Utah ranch to remain whole
The Nature Conservancy purchases the Dugout Ranch near Canyonlands National Park in Utah, to prevent the land from being subdivided and developed.
Utah: A liberal wilderness lover may prevail
Liberal Democrat Ross Anderson may prevail against millionaire Republican and frequent political candidate Merrill Cook in Utah.
Stirring things up on the Colorado River
The valves at Glen Canyon Dam are opened so the Colorado River can once again flood the Grand Canyon - and scientists, river guides, and environmentalists begin to study the results.
Critics attack a snow job in Utah
Salt Lake City's expensive bid to host the 2002 Winter Olympics is meeting surprisingly lukewarm opposition from environmentalists.
Utah vandalism includes spiked trees
Recent vandalism in Utah includes spiked trees and dead cows.
Utah's wildlife division is gutshot
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources scaled back and shaken up.
Two Utah counties flee water project
Two Utah counties, frustrated with the cost of the Central Utah Project, decide to pull out.
Incineration plans burn up some Utahns
The Army defends its plans to incinerate chemical weapons stockpiles.
Chevron takes aim at Uintas
Chevron's widened search for oil into the Uinta mountains threatens the entire range.
Predator control in Utah is attacked
ADC comes under fire in Utah after predators are killed illegally.
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