Items by Kerry Brophy

Saying good-bye to the ranch
Saying good-bye to the ranch
Four families cooperate on conservation easements in order to save a huge ranch in Colorado from development.
The end of an affair
In a hot, dry summer, Kerry Brophy Lloyd begins to fall out of love with her lush green lawn.
The ranch wife, reinvented
Andrea Malmberg of Wyoming’s Twin Creek Ranch uses her gourmet cooking to put her ranch guests in touch with the land and with the food they eat
Feds oppose state's effort to empower landowners
Wyoming’s new "split-estate" law, designed to give private landowners more control over energy development on their property, hits a big obstacle – the Bush administration
She builds new words in an ancient tongue
Reba Teran is painstakingly building an audio dictionary of spoken Shoshone, hoping to save both her language and her culture
Water pounds through our towns and our dreams
The writer watches with awe as snowmelt pulses through her town
Split-estate rebellion: Ranchers take on energy developers
Frustrated Wyoming ranchers make an end-run around legislators and oil and gas lobbies to take the split-estate issue to the last constituency who might help them: the voters.
When it’s 'deer o’clock' — watch out
When it’s "deer o’clock" in Wyoming, deer and antelope and elk cross the road in front of speeding cars
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