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Poison traps kill unintended victims
After an M-44 cyanide trap put on their land by a government trapper kills the family dog, Paul and Lee-Ann Wright sue the federal government.
Is help from a federal agency a "charade'?
The Denver-based Citizens Coal Council charges the federal office of Surface Mining with being just a pawn of the mining industry.
The Wayward West
USFS nixes Snowcreek golf course expansion in Ariz.; fish kill shows Salton Sea in Calif. dying; "Fee Demo Day of Protest" around West; poisoning didn't kill all Lake Davis pike; Walt Freeman must prove his mine in Siskiyou Nat'l Forest would make money.
Dams must go
The Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition has produced a new report, "Returning Salmon by Restoring Rivers: The Case for Partially Removing Four Dams on the Lower Snake River."
Day of 6 billion
The 6 billionth human may have already been born, and the U.N. recommends two Web sites that deal with overpopulation, one from the National Wildlife Federation and the other from the Audubon Society.
America's Redrock Wilderness
The Utah Wilderness Coalition has reinventoried BLM lands for a proposed wilderness bill that would protect 9.1 million acres, and the beautiful paperbound book "America's Redrock Wilderness" showcases some of those lands.
The Wayward West
Burlington Northern to pay for toxic dumping; vandalism of Escalante enviro homes; Vail ski resort road crosses protected wetlands; Telluride ski area expansion; strontium 90 found by chinook spawning area at Hanford; Sen. Orrin Hatch runs for president.
Senator jumps the gun for the military
Environmentalists and other critics are irate at Sen. John McCain's proposal to allow the military use of 3 million acres of public land in Arizona and New Mexico, including the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona.
Governor floats a wilderness bill
The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance has not yet made up its mind on Gov. Mike Leavitt's 1 million-acre wilderness proposal for Utah's West Desert.
Can computers solve Indian problems?
A GAO report is critical of the Bureau of Indian Affairs' new Trust Asset Accounting Management System, which is intended to reimburse Native Americans for 112 years of sloppy BIA accounting.
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