Items by Ken Wright

A resident responds to a plaintive question from Wolf Creek developer Red McCombs
The writer tells developer Red McCombs why he's not appreciated
How I turned into a time-share sucker
The writer listens to a pitch for a $14,000 vacation timeshare and is amazed to find himself signing on the dotted line
RVs R Us
The writer scoffed at RVs until he started driving one
Elk: Pursuing the hunt and preserving the species
David Petersen's "Elkheart: A Personal Tribute to Wapiti and Their World" is reviewed and excerpted.
Colorado curmudgeon defends the rural West
Newspaper columnist Ed Quillen's new book, "Deep in the Heart of the Rockies," is a hefty helping of some of Quillen's "ravings" in defense of the real Colorado.
Fouled water leads to court
Durango, Colo., residents charge that gas production pollutes their wells.
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