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The High Uintas need help
Salt Lake City environmentalist Dick Carter of Utah Wilderness Association fame founds a new litigation group, The High Uinta Preservation Council.
Coyote Angels
Bart Koehler and the Coyote Angels release a CD of songs celebrating the wildness of the West.
Checks are in the mail
Louisiana-Pacific must pay one of the largest product-liability settlements in U.S. history to customers who bought the company's Inner Seal home siding.
New Mexico environmentalists lease state lands
In New Mexico, Forest Guardians and the Southwest Environmental Center succeed in winning a bid for a tract of state land on the Rio Puerco River.
Urgent news from the front
Environmentalists oppose the Forest Service's proposal to allow new oil and gas leases in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.
What's not on the label
The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides wins a lawsuit requiring the EPA to divulge the "inert ingredients" of six pesticides.
Power is no longer everything
Bruce Babbitt signs a historic record of decision to manage Glen Canyon Dam in a way that protects the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.
What happens above ground...
Oregon Caves National Monument says the surrounding Siskiyou National Forest is injuring the caves by logging, mining and grazing.
Frequent fliers fleece Grand Canyon
One-third of Grand Canyon air-tour operators are breaking the law by not reporting flights or paying required fees.
The Western Colorado Congress gives out "Not-So-Smart Growth" awards.
Public-lands issues loom large in November
The fate of school-trust lands and other public-land issues divide Democrat Kathy Karpan and Republican Mike Enzi in the race for retiring Sen. Alan Simpson's seat.
Moderates may gain in most conservative state
Environmental concerns may help moderates regain ground in Idaho.
A conservative legislature may move to the middle
In Montana, Republican Marc Racicot will probably stay governor, although other races could tilt the state back to the middle.
Who snatched the salmon?
One of only 132 adult salmon to survive the spawning journey to Idaho's Salmon River is killed - and eaten - by a poacher.
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